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ONE: We abide by the Threefold Law of Return & “An it harm none – do what ye will"


TWO:  Treat others in our tradition as you would like to be treated. We are Witch sisters and brothers.

THREE: We recognize a Cabot Witch of any degree as a part of our tradition.

FOUR: Integrity, Discipline and Respect must be self-evident in all our affairs as we represent our Tradition.

FIVE: We practice our craft according to Hermetic Laws, and we are accountable to the God/Goddess/ALL

SIX: We do not accept any outside contributions or any influences that would undermine our authority. We are a sovereign tradition. As such, we do not take part in the inner circles of other traditions.

SEVEN: Each Cabot Witch is Sovereign and accepts the Responsibility that this incurs.

EIGHT: We are committed to our way of life and firmly grounded in the Science of our Majick. We express our Tradition as an Art, a Science, and a Religion.

NINE: We respect and adhere to the wishes of our Council of Elders.

TEN: Our Tradition has an interest in issues such as ecology, hunger and human rights. We seek to heal and protect our Mother Earth and better the lives of the humans and animals around us through majickal and charitable means.

ELEVEN: Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we do not proselytize. We do seek to educate anyone that does seek knowledge from us.

TWELVE: We place principles before personalities. We abstain from gossip and other behaviors that would undermine our brothers and sisters or our Tradition. Our actions reinforce “for the good of all…”

THIRTEEN: We do not charge money for taking healing cases, but may charge for any type of psychic consulting to the public as a reader (i.e. Tarot).



James Cabot Daly, H.P. III Degree Cabot Witch

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